The Guardian's Chronicles: A New Dawn: 1

A New Dawn - Ann H. Barlow The main character in this book is Sahara, who has been in several accidents and always survived. Other people, including her parents and her brother have died. She believes it is bad luck sitting in a car or train with her. She is in a relationship with Nigel, who turns out to be abusive. Sahara leaves him and hides out in another town. After a few weeks he finds her and threatens to hurt her again. Sahara get's really angry and all of a sudden she has abilities she never new existed. From that day on her life changes completely. She learns about a world where different (not human) creatures exist. One of them is Romero who is her Guardian. He is there to protect her and has been protecting her family since the 1700s. Romero was captured by Barak and can only communicate with Sahara though her thoughts. When I read the synopsis of this book I though it sounded really good and I was excited to start reading it. The storyline started fast paced and as long as I learned more about Sahara, her relationships to her grandmother and her boyfriend I really felt contempt reading it. But the further the storyline progressed the slower it got in my opinion. It felt really flat to me and I was always hoping to find the arch to more suspense when I turned the next page. Unfortunately, there never was one. Furthermore, I felt that there were too many characters involved. Some were not properly introduced and I sometimes was confused as to who they were. I think there could have been done much more with the story if the focus had been on fewer characters and their backstories. As it was most of the characters weren't given the depths I was hoping for.