The Spy Who Loathed Me

The Spy Who Loathed Me - Chris Westphal The Spy who Loathed me by Chris WestphalChris Westphal about his book:The Spy Who Loathed Me is a satiric novel. It is loaded with deluded misfits, absurd complications, and escalating madness. FBI agent Terrence Tillberry is in love with Petra Tarasova. Unfortunately, she's in the KGB.The book is set in Los Angeles, 1982.Terrence Tillberry is a loser. Let's face it. He is divorced, lives with his mother again and is bullied at work. But still he holds his head high. He tries to prove himself as an FBI agent when he has to tail the KGB spy Petra Tarasova. Only thing is, he's not doing a good job. Already in the first pages the reader finds out that Tillberry is in love with his target and that Tarasova finds it really funny how stupid that American is who's been following her around.Tarasova takes her job, to infiltrate hollywood, rather serious. As cover she works for a producer who is a sex addict and has a bad temper. To get him down when he explodes she talks to him like a mother would talk to her temper-tantrum throwing child. Tarasova starts to blackmail the hollywood producer after taking photos of him in a compromising position. And our naive FBI agent makes a deal with the spy he's suppost to tail. But that deal is not the only thing endangering his job. All these facts together have you smiling a lot while reading this book. Things appear not only funny but also quite absurd a lot. Chris Westphal's writing style helps to let the story appear sarcastic and refreshing. You, as the reader, have to get his kind of humor to really enjoy this book. This is not a story to take serious. It is a fun read which let's you sympathize with the characters even though you wouldn't like them in real life. Video review: