Someday, Someday, Maybe

Someday, Someday, Maybe - Lauren Graham Lauren Graham starts this book with the typical dream. You are on stage, you freeze, you get hit by a tomato. All this is written in a refreshing and funny writing style which lets you chuckle on the first pages. Right from the beginning we learn that Franny is a very witty and funny character. She set herself a deadline when she came to New York and is now at the point where she has six months left to land an acting job that pays the rent. Franny is not very confident and doesn't believe in herself which is shown nicely by Graham in the inner monologue. Her thoughts are fast paced and ironic which give the book a refreshing feel. Especially funny are the parts where Franny thinks about what could be wrong about her, what has to change. Does she need and new hair do? Should she loose some weight? Or are her looks just wrong in general? Even though the writing style lets this topic appear to be funny, Graham manages to sneak in a serious undertone which makes the reader feel sorry for our main character.I am usually not a fan of this genre But the little extracts from plays and the pictures from Franny's filofax made this book really diverse. I felt with Franny and hoped for her to get each job. I also really enjoyed the additional answering machine messages.Altogether this is a really nice and cute read. If you enjoy books of the so called "chick lit" genre I recommend this book to you.I received this copy from Netgalley.