The Ruining

The Ruining - Anna Collomore The Ruining is about a girl, Annie, who didn't have the best childhood. She isn't a lucky girl but now luck might finally come to her…or so she thinks. Annie takes on a job as a nanny in San Francisco. She stays with a nice and wealthy family and looks after their two kids. Only this way she can pay for university. Not sure what to study her host mom encourages her to study the same she did herself. Annie feels really close to her host mom because she thinks only she "gets" her. The first weeks roll by without any problems and Annie is happy and feels like this could really be a good thing. She meets Owen, her neighbor and immediately likes him. They go out.Now and then though, weird things happen and Annie questions her own judgement. It all starts when the door to her room is taken away because it needs fixing but even weeks later she still has to live without any privacy. Sometimes she's treated like a family member and other times like a servant. Annie starts to think she might be imagining things and starts to wonder what is actually true. I really enjoyed this book. It was fast paced and full of suspense. But it also really messed with my head. As the reader you think you know what's going on but a few pages further your theory is just completely off. I barely put it down because I had to know what comes next. They only thing I expected more of was the ending. It all felt a little to flat and forced. Like the author had to finish it and couldn't go on for a few more pages. The whole book is full of twists and turns and the ending just falls flat in comparison.